Armor of God Shield Keytag


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The Armor of God shield keytag is a protection and a physical reminder to be faithful and valiant as we move forward in our daily battles for truth and salvation.  It symbolizes our strength and willingness to go forward as a witness of God.  These designs have great personal value to people of all age and they provide a certain piece of mind simply by carrying it with you.

This two sided, high relief keytag incorporates two soldiers on side one (male and female) clothed in each piece of armor described in Ephesians 6 with ‘Put on the Whole Armor of God’.   Side two displays the individual pieces of armor and their scriptural description and reference (Ephesians 6:11-17).  Other symbolic design elements are also used to encourage thoughtful pondering.   These keytags have great personal value to both men and women of every age.   1¾ inch · high relief · double s· mattematte nickel finish · swivel keytag attachment· protective clear vinyl pouch included (Manufactured exclusively by

Especially for:  Achievements, Business, Anniversaries, Awards, Birthdays, Children, Churches, Chaplains Gifts, Group activities, Missionaries, Service & Recognition Awards, Military, Morale Builders, Schools, Marriage, Thank You gifts, Families, and Youth Events.

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