Fallen Hero - Fallen Soldier Military Dog Tag thick Black Cord


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The Fallen Hero Military Style Dog Tag honors and respect the fallen American soldier.  These Dog Tag pendants have great personal value to honor those in uniform who defend and protect the freedoms we all enjoy.  These pendants provide a certain peace simply by having it with you.  This two-sided high relief design incorporates the fallen soldier boots, rifle, helmet, and dogtag, surrounded by the American flag and a declaration that the fallen will not be forgotten.  Other symbolic design elements are also used to encourage thoughtful pondering.  Fits perfectly with optional coin capsule/case.

1¾ inch · high relief · double sided · matte nickel finish · 24 inch thick black cord  · protective clear vinyl pouch included (Manufactured exclusively by ArmorCoin.com)

Especially for:  Military, Fallen Hero, Fallen Soldier Memorial, Memorial Day

  • Manufactured by: Armor Coin

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